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Teddy McNamara
"Most of my clients come from referrals and the network of trusted advisors I have assembled over the years. My clients are my number one priority and spending time with them to get to know them and their personal situation is what is most important to me. Whether you have a simple question or complicated situation, I work hard to get the facts and make a recommendation that suits your legal and nonlegal needs. I try to think outside the box not just for the correct legal answer, but to assess the practical solutions that might make common sense in your situation. It is also important for a good attorney to spot peripheral legal issues that might have an impact on your situation at hand. In my practice, I strive to spot those peripheral issues and consult with other attorneys and advisors as needed to ensure the best result for my clients. As an Attorney it is my job to give legal advice, but I also think it is important to counsel my client on business and non legal matters as well. As Lawyer and Counselor I take this part of my job very seriously and it is what I believe sets me apart from others in my field." - Teddy McNamara

Practice Areas:
Estate Planning/Living Trusts and Wills
Durable Power of Attorneys
Springing Power of Attorneys
Advance Healthcare Directives
Special Needs Trusts
Conservatorships and Guardianships
Business Law
Trust and Probate Litigation
Probate Court Trust Petitions; including Heggstad Petitions
Small Estates Affidavits
Spousal Property Petitions
Petitions to Determine
Succession to Real and Personal Property
Will and Trust Disputes
Elder Abuse Litigation
Personal Injury Litigation
Wrongful Death
Business Succession Planning
Trust Administrations
High Net Worth Planning

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Estate Planning Speaker:
Teddy R. McNamara is a regular speaker at numerous companies and unions here in San Diego. Teddy’s donates his time to go to places where people work and belong to conduct seminars on Estate Planning. Since 2005 Teddy has conducted over 100 Estate Planning seminars in San Diego County...

If you know of a company or place where people belong who would benefit from a seminar on Estate Planning, please contact Teddy.

Estate Planning and Probate Law Practice:

In the course of his estate planning practice, Teddy maintains a personal touch with his clients. Quite simply put, Teddy’s clients are considered friends. Each and every client receives an extremely high-quality customized estate plan, which is specifically designed to meet his/her needs. This is accomplished because the attorney personally meets with every client from start to finish, to acquire information about their personal situation, assets and circumstances. This enables Teddy to spot legal issues that may be overlooked by other firms with less of a personal connection to their clients. The end result is that Teddy is able to give legal advice and make recommendations that are tailor-made for each client to mitigate legal problems and unnecessary taxes. On many occasions, this can saves the client taxes, fees, emotional trauma, time and unnecessary legal issues.  

Teddy’s practice area also covers both routine and complex Trusts Administrations and Probates when people pass away with either no will or a will. Teddy’s practice is also devoted to Will and Trust Disputes and Elder Abuse Litigation.


Teddy R. McNamara is an Approved Attorney for the California Teachers Association (CTA) (and its affiliates) Group Legal Services Program for Region IV for Wills and Trusts, Probate, Estate Planning and Personal Injury Matters. Region IV covers the following counties; San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial and portions of  Los Angeles. 

If you are a member of the CTA you are entitled to a 30 minute consultation. Please call or email the law office to schedule your consultation. 

The Law Office of Teddy R. McNamara prepares Living Trusts and Estate Plans for many Hightech and Biotech workers from companies such as Qualcomm, ResMed, Advanced Bio Healing, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Kyocera, Mitchell International, Rock Star San Diego, Quantum, San Diego Research Foundation, Caltrans to name a few.

The Law Office also prepares Living Trusts and Estate Plans for employees of many defense contracting firms in San Diego, including; Lockheed Martan, Booz Allen Hamilton, Caci, Northrop Grumman and Spawar.

Teddy also works with many small business owners, including many doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals. Teddy understands the needs of each business and profession and helps each business plan for succession of the business at a loss of capacity or death.

The Law Offices of Teddy R. McNamara also prepares estate plans for owners of small to moderate businesses in San Diego, retirees and numerous local union workers. The Law Office of Teddy R. McNamara has prepared estate plans for the following union members;

Teachers (CTA and SDEA and retired CTA and SDEA, South County Teachers United);
Plumbers and Pipefitters; 
United Food and Commercial Workers’;
Iron Workers; 
County and City of San Diego Employees;
Communications Workers of America;
American Federal Teachers( AFT); 
OPEIU Local 30;
SEIU and members of countless other unions.

The Law Office of Teddy R. McNamara also prepares estate plans for clients from all parts of San Diego County and Orange County. As a result, we have experience in dealing with issues both citizens and resident non-citizens face when completing their estate plans. We have a great deal of experience dealing with both routine estate matters as well as complex estates worth millions of dollars.

What Documents are in a Typical Estate Plan?

Estate planning is far more then a simple Will. It should include these building blocks to create a complete estate plan.

Living Trust and Pour-Over Will
Durable Power of Attorney for Asset Management
Advance Health Care Directive (aka, Living Will)
Nomination of Guardians for minor children
Declaration of Marital Property (reduce capital gain tax for surviving spouse )
General Assignment of assets into Trust
Transfer Deed of Real Property into Trust (Preliminary Change of Ownership for tax assessor) 

Get the peace of mind of a complete plan.These documents provide for a secure future with the flexibility that is necessary in the world today.

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